Sunday, April 3, 2011

RPS on Quest for Glory IV

I follow this UK PC gaming blog called Rock Paper Shotgun.  They're a bunch of well-spoken likeminded blokes, and I enjoy their words.  Anyway, they have this series called Gaming Made Me in which they deep dive into the more influential games of their past.  It's something that fits well with my selfish needs for this blog, so I've been thinking for awhile about tackling the same topic.

Well, then those rascally brits went ahead and covered one of my all time favorites: Quest for Glory IV.  Perhaps later I'll have more to say on the topic, but for now I'll just refer you to their words.  I will say I was both surprised and not surprised to learn that the voice actor for Commander Shepard and Katrina the vampire are one and the same.  Apparently Jennifer Hale is the common element in games that rock my world.

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