Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why blog?

It seems a bit late to get into the world of blogging. I think what has discouraged me from doing this kind of thing is the knowledge that I can't do it retroactively. I can't magically gather up all my thoughts from the last couple years and have them instantly appear in a nice catalogued format. Which is unfortunate, because I could use exactly that. My memory is terrible.

Which brings me to the question: why blog?

I assure you, my intentions are purely selfish. If I don't start establishing some sort of digital pensieve, my thoughts from last week are doomed to oblivion. Oh god - did I just open up my blog with a Harry Potter reference? Am I that far gone?

The intended target of my blogging is singular: post my thoughts on games and movies as I experience them. Bonus points if I have anything interesting to say beyond that.

My blogging is effective from now onward, but hopefully I'll retroactively squeeze in whatever earth-shattering thoughts I was having during that elusive "last week."

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