Monday, February 12, 2007

Damn Those Beauties

Somehow, somewhere, I got hooked into Beauty and the Geek (as I've mentioned earlier). I guess I'm naive enough to think that in the temptation of a cash prize reality television show there still might be people that care more about bettering themselves. It defies logic, I know. But for better or worse that's the idealist in me peeking out. And that little monster cannot allow Cecille to win.

I like Nate, I do. He seems like a good guy. I'll forgive him for the romantic drama (which thankfully is now over), because any true geek is so sexually deprived that they'll jump on anything. And he could have done a lot worse. But unfortunately it's down to the final two couples, and Nate is aligned with the she-devil Cecille. She represents everything that this show could be but must not be. She must be thwarted.

Not that I have any power over this. Damn you Ashton Kutcher! Damn you for making me care!

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