Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Okami First Impressions

Having finished F.E.A.R., I've moved on to the next game in my GameFly queue: Okami. And so far it's just as charming as all the reviews said. It features this great painted look, which is pretty impressive coming from the PS2. And it's not just an aesthetic gimmick - the whole painting motif is key to the gameplay as well. You use your canvas to paint out your special moves and solve puzzles. The actual mechanic is a little awkward with the PS2 controller, but would probably be way better with the Wii remote.

I'm hoping they bring this game to the Wii, because it would totally feel at home there next to Nintendo's other offerings. But my money says that Sony struck an exclusive contract with the developer and we'll never see this gem on a next-gen console. The whole economics of exclusivity is kinda interesting. Check out this Forbes article that breaks down what where the $60 for a game gets distributed.

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