Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Martyring of the Geek

I just finished watching the season three finale of Beauty and the Geek... and I was not disappointed. This was definitely one of the most satisfying TV finales I've seen. If you missed it, it looks like they're having an uber marathon this Sunday. Be warned, spoilers follow.

The charter of the show is supposed to be about self transformation and overcoming the labels of "beauty" and "geek." But it's not always clear from the format of the show if that's exactly what's playing out. The challenges certainly encourage growth, but they also will equally reward preexisting strength. And the quiz segment will trim out those who haven't been paying attention, but it's largely a game of roulette. It's entirely possible to advance through the show without evolving at all. Thus my aforementioned concern over money hungry bitches.

Which is why I was so happy with the format they chose for the finale. There truly is no better judge of your transformation than the opinion of your peers. All the standard reality television schemes and alliances are completely trumped if you are held accountable for your actions. The whole point of the show is cross pollination, and if you succeed only by alienating others, you don't deserve to win. I'd like to think that heaven uses a similar format. Instead of being greeted at the pearly gates by an angel of judgement (a.k.a. the quiz master), you're instead at the mercy of everyone's post-mortem feedback questionaires.

Just seeing the finale's format change was enough to give me hope. But then Nate's martyrdom completely made the whole season worthwhile. The guy passed on $250k to teach that wench a lesson. My hat goes off to him. Way to take the moral high ground and make a stance on what this social experiment is about.

Did I just see what I think I saw? Humility and morality overcoming cash-money on reality TV? Bravo, Mr. Kutcher. Bravo.

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