Friday, January 19, 2007

Who I'm Not

While I may dominate the search results for PapasNewBag, I seem to be having more difficulty with my real name. There's some new competition on the block. What's the problem with that, you say? Confusion. Some old flame is going to look me up some day and think I got hooked up with NASA. Okay, maybe that's not such a bad thing. It certainly sounds more grandiose on paper than what I do. Well, if they knew me before they'd know that this is not me. But he went to my alma mater, muddling things even more.

I could take some consolation that if you search on instead of Google the top 5 are relevant to me. But inside I know that that's because just isn't quite as good at nailing the most relevant result. Example, if you search for PapasNewBag on you get some random "RTFM" post that I don't remember making. If you do the same search with Google you get my S&I profile. GG

Wow, this entire post comes off as really egotistical. No really, I'm not this self centered. It's just that as I establish this blog I'm curious what else is out there as you search around.

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