Thursday, March 1, 2007

How You Killed Your Brand

Check out this YouTube music video.

I try to hold back and not bash Sony. But as an avid gamer it's hard not too. Still, I try. I've currently topped off my GameFly queue with PS2 titles (Okami and Bully, soon to be followed by FFXII), and I don't even own a PS2 (I've temporarily traded for my Gamecube).

But Sony has completely missed the boat on this round of consoles. The Wii is mastering the art of fun. The 360 is nailing the hardcore and online markets. And the PS3 is wasting everyone's money by whoring out their game console as a trojan horse for a DVD upgrade that no one wants. They've managed to set new records for cocky statements, yet completely underdeliver on the sorts of things gamers actually care about. Somehow out of all of this, Microsoft has come out looking cool. You've gotta screw up pretty bad for that to happen.

Anyway, watch the video. It's funny.

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