Wednesday, March 7, 2007

That was easy

It took me not much more than a week after I entered the Gamerscore Challenge to get the required 1500 points. The bulk of those points were earned by playing dirty: a friend from work lent me a copy of NBA 2K6. Which is a fine basketball game, I guess... if you're into that sort of thing. But NBA 2K6 is notorious for having one of the easiest set of achievement points ever. You can literally get all 1000 points in a single game. And I would have, except that I'm such a basketball n00b that I had to look up what a triple double was before I could complete the final achievement.

I'd feel dirty about whoring it out to this game, except that I did get some educational value out of the whole experience. You see, I don't play sports games. I don't understand the appeal. For me it's very important that my video games be unrealistic. For example, I can't stand simulation style racing games; my racing games better allow me to recklessly crash into stuff and/or throw crap at my competition. The focus of most sports games is to completely replicate a real sports event, right down to the pimples on the point guard from the team photo. And I couldn't care less. I'd rather the money I slap down for a game go to real development, not licensing (Thank you GTA for giving me an Infernus instead of an Acura NSX). Anyway, my whole experience playing NBA 2K6 was totally surreal - like stepping into the shoes of another gamer. But I like my shoes better.

The remaining 500 points was filled in with my weekend of Crackdown and topped off with a little bit of Kameo. The reward for my efforts: Contra for Live Arcade, 100 MS points (valued at a little over a $1), and an Old Spice gamer picture. Okay, so I guess it wasn't about the rewards, was it...

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